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Gary Miller - Artist 

Gary has been showing his Art in the Northern California area since 1966. He has been in over 100 juried shows, at least six one-man shows, and group shows. He has also been part of a dozen invitational shows including those at Humboldt College, The Pioneer Museum in Stockton and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Several galleries in Sacramento have represented Gary over the years - the LeSahuc Gallery, the Artist Contemporary, the Dean Moniz, and the Blue Moon Gallery.  


Recently, he entered two juried shows at the Sacramento Fine Art Center and received awards each time. Gary is also a member of the Valley Sculpture Artists Group and has been in a Sculpture Shows at Oakwilde ranch in the Stockton area, 2110 Gallery, Sacramento, and is currently represented by the Blue Moon Gallery, 2353 Albatross Way, Sacramento, 916-920-2444. http://www.bluemoongallerysacto.com 

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1972 Master of Fine Arts, at the University of California at Davis; Specialized in Paintings, Constructions, and Printmaking.

1967 Bachelor of Science, at Sacramento State College in Sacramento; Specialized in Painting, Printmaking, Art History and Anthropology.



Art Reviews

“Dogs and Delicacies”

     “Miller renders a tragicomic view of the domestic dog's dilemma. His canines seem simple, trusting, dumb beasts alerted to, bewildered or tortured by unintelligible and disjointed stimuli‚ĶMany of Miller's works are funky, but he isn't a funk artist: he lacks the necessary cynicism.

     His vision is naive and his handling primitive; yet his work doesn't fall within the tradition of folk artists. Nor is he uneducated: he has an M.F.A. from UC Davis. Still, I would characterize him as a diamond in the rough - uncut, homely and unique. His work is a bit like the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.” by Victoria Dalkey West Coast Artweek

“Artwork With Whimsy, Fantasy And Meaning”

     “But there is Humor and lyricism in Miller’s work as well as terror and menace.” by Victoria Dalkey The Sacramento Bee

Artist Statement

“My art is a visual reaction to the physical world by the frequent use of non-art materials. These materials excite my imagination and allow me to manipulate the forms in fresh ways.

  One of my materials of choice is credit cards, which I use as a format for my musings of the visual world. This started with the typical process of cutting up an expired credit card when I was struck with the idea that I should draw on them instead! What would be a more meaningful symbol than this 2x3 inch piece of plastic that allows us all to exchange income for goods and services? What a perfect format to deface and morph into Art!

  As with any new medium, an artist has to figure ways to express ideas and feelings while tackling problems inherent with such a reduced scale. After trial and error in dealing with all the raised numbers on the cards, I came up with a process that helped me resolve everyday design problems like composition and color within this challenging format. I do sketches on paper in the same size as the credit card, select the best ones and transform them into silhouettes. I stencil the silhouettes onto the cards. The stencil process allows me to see the forms clearly while hand carving the final design.

  I see all my pieces as a reflection of my sense of humor. Some people who prefer to classify what they see have said that these are colored engravings, while others think of them as low-relief sculptures. In any case, I enjoy making my art and I hope you will find them engaging.”